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Merlin C945 Garage Door Remote


Merlin C945 Garage Door Remote


Suits motor models: 

CB22 (Control Board)

HE60 (HomEntry)

MGA600 XLR8 (Wingmate 3)

MGL300 (Linear Swing Gate)

MGL400 (Linear Swing Gate)

MGS300 (Sliding Gate Motor)

MGS500 (Sliding Gate Motor)

MGS500T (Sliding Gate Motor)

MGS1000 (Sliding Gate Motor)

MGS1000T (Sliding Gate Motor)

MJ3800 (Garage Opener)

MJ3800R (Garage Opener)

ML500 (MotorLift)

ML700 (MotorLift)

MLR500 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)

MLR750 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)

MLR850 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)

MR60 (Rolling Garage Opener)

MR600 (Roller Door Opener)

MR600A (Roller Door Opener)

MR650 (Roller Door Opener)

MR800 (Roller Door Opener)

MR800A (Roller Door Opener)

MR850 (Roller Door Opener)

MR1000 (Roller Door Opener)

MT60 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT60P (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT230 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT600 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT800 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT1000 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT3850 (Whisper Drive)

MT5580 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MT5580P (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MR850 (Roller Door Opener)

MR1000 (Roller Door Opener)


With keyring and instructions


12 months warranty with this remote - the remote is the generic version

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