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2. Auto Garage Roller Door Opener PDR 106

$210.00 $260.00



* Utilise USA Microchip for controlling the motor, reliable and stable.

* Powerful and quiet DC motor. Can lift up to 45kg net weight.

* Soft start, soft stop, smooth operation.

* Adjustable opening and closing force.

* Easy installation and programming with electrical limits setting.

* Automatic safety reverse when obstructed.

* Both right and left side installation are available.

* Manual release in case of power failure. Easy transferring between auto and manual model.

* LED Light Courtesy

* Up to 50 m long distance remote working range.

* Built in terminals for wired wall switch, alarm switch, photo beam, backup battery and lock

switch (optional devices, not included)

* Compatible with optional keypad, wireless wall switch, fingerprint remote and bluetooth receiver

(iPhone and Android).

* Photo-beam/ Safety sensor are available (optional)

* Backup battery function is available (optional)

* Access Control is available (optional)

* Two years replacement warranty

* Australian Standard AS/NZS 60335.2.95.2012

* CE certificate ( EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014, EN 60335-2-95: 2004, EN 62233:2008)



* Standby power consumption: 7 Watt


* Input voltage: 220-240 V/50Hz

* Motor Type: 24 V DC Permanent Magnet

* Motor Power: 650 Nm

* Receiver Type: UHF 433.92 MHz. Am receiver

* Transmitter frequency: 433.92 MHz

* Coding Type: Coding Hopping

* Courtesy light: LED. 0.3 w, 24 v DC power

* Number of code combination: Over 4.29 billion random codes

* Maximum door opening: 22 Square Meter ( Width x Height = 22 Square Meter)

* Maximum height/Drum rotations: 4.5 metre.




* Brand New PDR-106 Roller Door Opener

* 2 x 4 Button Modern Remotes

* Instruction manual and warranty letter and warning sign..

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